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Commemorative Plaques

As well as the Blue Plaques we design and manufacture all kinds of other commemorative signs for clients who want something which will stand the test of time.

Made to your specification and featuring text and images of your choice we can help you design something which reflects the thing you want to commemorate and ensures they or it is remembered for years to come.

Commemorative Plaques for Benches

Although often engraved or etched, in brass or stainless steel, we can also make cast commemorative plaques for benches or planters featuring an inscription of your choice. Cast in high quality aluminium and finished by hand using UV resistant acrylic paints and air-drying enamels, a cast commemorative plaque can be a fitting memorial to an individual.

Commemorative Bench Plaque

Freestanding Commemorative Signs

If you need to fit quite a lot of text on your memorial or commemorative sign then a freestanding sign might be the best solution. We can work with you to create a complete solution - from designing the sign itself through to the stand it will be mounted on.

Freestanding Commemorative Plaque

Pet Memorial Signs

A pet memorial sign can be a comforting reminder of favourite animal. We stock a number of animal emblems which could be used within your design and we can create signs containing any amount of text, so your options are only limited by imagination.

Pet Memorial Sign - Blob

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