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Engraved Signs

At Croft Cast Signs we have the capacity to create high quality engraved signs using our in-house CNC router. By using our high-tech equipment and software we can create engraved signs which look great - perfectly reflecting your business and fitting well in their surroundings.

We can create engraved signs out of various materials - metal, plastic and wood - each offering their own unique characteristics and qualities.

CNC Router

Cast Friezes for Edwardian shelters on West Cliff

At the end of 2015 the wonderful Edwardian shelters on Whitby's West Cliff were destroyed by the ferocious storms that battered the

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Laser Etched Signs Laser Etching

How We Make Engraved Signs

Engraved signs are made using our in-house CNC router. To create an engraved sign we begin by creating a two dimensional design in our CAD (Computer Aided Design) software.

Within the CAD programme we can define the shape and size of the sign and also layout the lettering and graphic elements which will make up the finished design. We can print out copies of the sign just like any other computer document in order to check the layout and size of the finished item and ensure that it meets the client's specification.

Once the layout has been design we then programme the CNC machine code by defining the size and depth of the cutting path. This is the route that the machine will take to cut all the shapes which make up the design.

After we have defined the size and depth of the cut we can place the material the sign will be made from in the router - it is securely clamped to stop if moving during the cutting process.

With the machine programmed all that's left to do is press 'start' and let the CNC machine do the rest. Depending on the design we may have to change the size of the cutting bit part-way through the cutting processes, and we sweep away the waste material to prevent any clogging or blockages.

After the machine has completed the cutting process we can remove the material from the machine and perform any finishing required to complete the sign.

Patterns for Cast Signs

We also use the CNC machine to make patterns for some of our cast signs - particularly Blue Plaques and anything which contains text.

A simple sign can be produced in an hour or two using the CNC machine, but we have produced signs in the past requiring more than 24 hours of CNC cutting!

Cast Metal Signs Cast Metal Signs

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