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Fingerpost Signs

Fingerpost signs have been used in England, around Europe and further afield for hundreds of years. They usually comprise a wooden or cast iron post into which are fitted a number of 'fingers', signs which point in an array of directions containing the name and sometimes the distance of another location or local landmark.

We have designed and produced a number of fingerpost signs directional signs over the years. Traditional fingerpost signs are no longer commonly used on public roads, having been replaced by modern road signage in 1964. However, there are many places where fingerpost signs are still a very attractive and useful option.

Fingerpost Street Sign

Because the signs can be oriented in any direction, fingerpost signage can provide drivers and pedestrians with a more accurate and easy to follow signage system than other options - particularly when it is important that navigation signs point in a specific direction.

Fingerpost signs are a great option for places such as hospital grounds, larger companies with multiple buildings, universities, holiday parks and visitor attractions such as country parks.

If you're looking to have a fingerpost sign manufactured, please feel free to contact us to discuss your project. We are happy to advise on appropriate sign size, colour schemes and design ideas as well as accommodating your existing design requirements into your bespoke signage solution.

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