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Street Signs

Street signs are probably the most common type of sign any of us are exposed to in daily life. Regardless of what the street sign is for, it needs to be something that is clear and easy to read. In order to ensure this there are particular design specifications and conventions which need to be met in the design and manufacture of cast metal street signs.

Used by drivers and pedestrians alike, street signs need to be easy to read at a moment's glance by all kinds of people spanning all age ranges. This is not always as straight forward as it sounds, but here at Croft Cast Signs we have the skills and years of design and manufacturing expertise to ensure that all users' needs are met.

Fingerpost Street Sign

Street and road name signs are generally produced using clear text in a bold font - usually in uppercase due to it's easier and quicker recognition. These signs rarely feature much by way of decorative design but nevertheless, we take great care and pride in producing high quality road and street name signs which are both highly durable and easily understandable.

There may, however, by a requirement for more decorative street signs - generally used by large companies, universities, schools, hospitals and other organisations which may require directional signage around a large building or grounds.

Cast Metal Street Sign

It is not unusual for signs of this kind to include some decorative elements such as logos or corporate colours, particular fonts or more unusual sign shapes which suit the environment in which they sit.

Cast metal street signage can also be used in temporary or event-based situations, such as a free-standing finger-post sign directing visitors to information points, entrances, exits and so on.

Whatever your street sign requirements our cast metal signs are designed and manufactured to be both attractive and highly durable using high quality aluminium finished with UV resistant paints in complimentary colours ensuring the finish won't become worn or faded over time.

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