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Cast Metal Signs

From house signs and street signs, to commemorative and memorial plaques and all kinds of general signage, Croft Cast Signs have a wealth of experience when it comes to producing high quality cast metal signs using aluminium, iron and bronze.

Whether you're just looking for a single sign for your home or office, or need a range of signs such as directional signage or street signs we pride ourselves on our consistently high standards.

Find out more about a particular kind of cast metal sign by choosing a link from the options on this page, or scroll further down the page to read more about cast metal signs.

Cast Metal Blue Plaques Blue Plaques
Cast Metal House Signs Cast Metal House Signs
Cast Metal Street Signs Street Signs
Cast Metal Coroporate Signs Corporate Signs
Cast Metal Commemorative Signs and Plaques Commemorative Signs
How Cast Metal Signs Are Made How Are Cast Signs Made?

Durable and High Quality Metal Signs

Cast metal signs offer an incredibly durable and high quality finish that cannot be accomplished in any other material. We cast the majority of our signs in high quality aluminium - though other metals are available upon request.

Once the signs have been checked for any manufacturing defects, we finish our signs with UV resistant base paints and air-drying songwriters enamels for the detail, ensuring that the high quality finish is retained for years to come.

Traditional Techniques & Modern Technology

All our signs are hand made using traditional skills and techniques. We create sign moulds from plastic or wooden patterns, using fine sand which ensures a smooth and highly detailed finished product.

We're more than happy to use modern technology where appropriate - regularly using our in-house CNC router and laser cutter to create sign patterns and templates which would otherwise be either very difficult or time consuming to produce by hand.

Find out more about laser cutting and etching and CNC routing by clicking here.

Bespoke Signs Created to Meet Your Specification

Each one of the signs we produce are designed to meet the specifications that our clients set. We are happy to work from designs provided by our customers, and can advise on appropriate levels of detail and so on for each sign. Or we can design your sign for you - taking into consideration the environment in which it will be set and other elements such as existing company branding and so on.

If you'd like to know more about how we create our signs please click here.

How We Work How We Work

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