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Cast Metal Road Sign for Private Road

We often take road signs for granted, but we'd really be lost without them! Of course, most modern road signs are made from flat pieces of steel, and adorned with printed reflective lettering.

But we love sticking with tradition - and sometimes a modern sign just doesn't cut the mustard. For locations which have a historical significance, or which want to retain or present a particular style, a bespoke cast metal sign will suit its environment a lot better

We recently undertook the design and manufacture of this cast metal street sign for a small housing development called Stockgrove Park. The new homes are situated on a private road whcih provides no access to alternate routes.

Cast Metal Road Sign

Each of the homes are named, as you can see on the photograph above, and the clear warnings of Private Drive and No Through Road are also included.

This sign will stand at the entrace to the private road. It is made from cast aluminium and finished by hand with UV resistant paints which will ensure it retains its quality finish for years to come.

Many of the road sign projects we have undertaken in the past have been for fingerpost signs, or have required specific designs to match existing signage - such as those found around the boroughs of London.

It was enjoyable to create this road sign without such constraints to the design, and produce something which will benefit both the residents by providing suitably clear directions to visitors, and the environment in which it is located by being of a traditional style and high quality finish.

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