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Cast Aluminium Blue Plaques - Traditional and Modern

Blue Plaques are some of our favourite projects here at Croft Cast Signs. Now managed by English Heritage, the original Blue Plaques Scheme has been running for over 150 years. It has been widely adopted around Britain the many other parts of the world as a fitting way to remember important places, people and events.

Anyone can commission a Blue Plaque - it is not something which is restricted to English Heritage only. And that is, we believe, one of the strengths of the scheme. Individuals can remember things which are important to them without them needing national significance.

And of course, we have undertaken the occasional satirical or humerous Blue Plaque commission too.  Perfect for those wishing to remember something without showing quite so much respect!

We've recently completed a selection of Blue Plaque projects. We wanted to share some images of the results here on our blog as well as within the galleries elsewhere on our website.

Cast Aluminium Blue Plaque Manufactured by Croft Cast Signs

Blue Plaques for a Heritage Walk

The series of Blue Plaques shown below were created for the Piccotts End Heriage Walk. They will provide visitors with a little more information about the locations they visit as they make their way along the route.

These Blue Plaques are smaller than the traditional larger diameter signs but no less eye-catching. They were finished by hand in vibrant blue and white paint.

Blue Plaques made from Cast Aluminium by Croft Cast Signs

Blue Plaque for Harold Wilson Unveiled

We manufactured this Blue Plaque for Harold Wilson at the start of the year. In fact, it features in our short video as we happened to be casting it, along with some other signs, the day Jack came to take some photos for our new website.

It's always a delight to recieve a photo of a sign or plaque in it's final location.

Blue Plaque for Harold Wilson Manufactured by Croft Cast Signs

Contemporary Design for Canturbury Society Design Award

This Blue Plaque was a lovely project to work on. It features a contemporary design and typeface. These work really well with the traditional blue and white colour scheme.

All our signs are finished by hand - a steady hand! The UV resistant paints we use keep their colour and quality finish for years and years, whatever the weather might throw at them!

Contemporary Blue Plaque Design

Ok, So It's Not Blue...

This one's not a Blue Plaque - but it's still commemorative. Commissioned by Rayleigh Town Council this plaque features quite a lot of text and is finished in dark green and gold paints.

These plaques are designed and made to last - much like the buildings many of them commemorate.

Commemorative Plaque Designed and Manufactured by Croft Cast Signs

Ready to Talk About Your Project?

If you're interested in finding out more about having a Blue Plaque made please call us to discuss your requirements on 01947 880550.

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