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Croft Cast Signs Lands Iconic Signage Project for Whitby

Croft Cast Signs are delighted to announce our pitch to create an iconic sign on Whitby's East Cliff has been successful.

This has been under wraps for some time due to the sensitive nature of the proposal, but the go ahead has been granted and we will shortly begin work on creating this large scale sign - to be unveiled in a few week's time as a prominent and very visual reminder of the friendly welcome Whitby extends to all our visitors. 

In a small departure from our usual manufacturing techniques, this lettering will be produced from sheet steel, and finished in our usual high quality UV resistant paints.

Most towns, cities and counties have boundary signs which provide a prominent 'welcome' to all visitors to the area. Whitby's new sign is on a little bit of a larger scale, as the artist's impression we've had created shows below:

Welcome to Whitby Cliff Top Signage

The new sign will be a temporary feature on Whitby's East Cliff, positioned below St Mary's and the Abbey to ensure that the traditional view across the harbour remains. The lettering will be held in place partly by the steelwork which was used to support the cliff after the landslides of recent years.

At time of writing we are uncertain as the exact wording - Welcome to Whitby has had strong support, but a shorter alternative is also a viable option, as shown below:

Whitby Cliff Sign

We will be opening up the two ideas for your feedback on our Facebook page, so why not head there and give us your views on this new signage project? We'd love to hear the thoughts of as many locals and visitors as possible before we embark on this project.

Philip and Andrea

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