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Reflect Your Personality with a Bespoke Cast Metal House Sign

Our homes often reflect our personalities. From the colours we paint our walls, to the kind of kitchen we fit or the furniture we own. Our homes tell others something about ourselves.

But so often the external appearance of our house plays second fiddle to the interior design. After all, we do spend most of our time looking at the interior rather than our front door or external paint work!

A personalised house sign can be an easy way of displaying something about you to your visitors.

Cast Metal House Sign

Here at Croft Cast Signs we've created all kinds of house signs for people who wish to do just that. Your house sign could reflect something about you. Or perhaps something about your family history. Or how about something to do with the location of your home. Or what about the creatures which inhabit your surroundings?

We use a wide range of emblems within the design of the signs we produce. You can view the list of sign emblems by clicking here. We can also create bespoke emblems using clay.

Creating Emblems for Cast Signs with Clay

Not Just 'Traditional' House Signs

Croft Cast Signs can create striking and contemporary house signs too. What's important to us is that the signs we produce reflect our customers, their tastes and ideas.

Contemporary Cast Metal House Sign

Using our CNC router we are able to produce patterns for contemporary signs in-house. We first model the sign design in CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. Then we use the CNC router to cut a pattern from which the sign is cast.

Numbers, Letters and Emblems - What To Include in Your House Sign Design?

Your house sign can contain any mixture of numbers, letters and emblems. If you home has a name and a number, these should both be included within your design along with any emblem you wish.

Cast Metal House Sign

Some of the most striking sign designs are also the most simple designs. A cast metal house sign will last for a very long time and so your design should reflect this too. You will need to think about your sign design carefully. You want something that will look good today, as well as tomorrow!

We have a selection of pre-formed letters and numbers which can be used within your sign design. This is where the CNC router comes into it's own though. We can create designs based on any lettering style you like.

Shape, Size, Borders and Colour - What Will Make Your House Sign Stand Out?

Quite often we use pre-formed patterns for house signs. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes with different styles of borders too.

Depending on the other elements, some shapes and sizes will suit your sign design better than others.

For instance, if you just have a large number to display a circular design can work really well. But if you have a house name too a circular design may not work.

Cast Metal House Sign with Knight on Horse

You can view some of our house sign shapes by clicking here.

If your design requires a bespoke shape we can produce these using our CNC router. We can also produce signs with particular border designs. This might be necessary for a more contemporary design which requires a simple rectangular or rounded border.

Cast House Sign - Black with Gold Border

Once you've decided on your sign content and design, the final choices are for the colour and finish. All our signs are first primed with an epoxy primer. This is followed by spraying with a 2-pack UV resistant paint. 

Letters and emblems are finished by hand using signwriters' enamels. These paints provide both a strong and uniform colour but also are incredibly robust. They stand up to the elements ensuring that a finished sign continues to look as good as new for years to come.

Sign Painting

Need Some House Sign Inspiration?

Our Galleries page is full if sign designs we've created over the years. Why not have a look at some of our House Sign galleries and see what catches your eye?

Of course, inspiration can come from anywhere - we use Pinterest to keep track of ideas. Click Here to have a look at our boards. Or, follow us on Instagram for regular sign inspiration!

Contact Us to Discuss Your Sign Project

We're always happy to discuss sign design ideas with our customers. If you're looking to have a sign made why not call us to discuss your requirements?

We can give you some ideas of what might be appropriate, and help you create a wonderful cast house sign design.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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