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Street Signs and 3D Logo Signs for Wynyard Park Housing Development

One of the things we enjoy most here at Croft Cast Signs is working with a wide range of clients. Over the years we've undertaken countless sign projects for private individuals, public bodies and charities as well as projects for commercial organisations and large businesses.

Recently we have been commissioned by the directors at Wynyard Park in County Durham to create some new cast metal signs for a large housing development they're undertaking.

The new housing development will include 800 new homes, built by a number of different housing firms. The first of the signs they've requested is a cast version of their W logo complete with leaping deer. Using our CNC router we have been able to create highly accurate templates for the signs, before casting them in solid aluminium and finishing with high quality UV resistant paint.

These three dimensional Ws will be proudly presented at the entrance to the development, on top of some brick pillars:

Wynyard Park Cast Metal Logo

The Wynyard project also calls for a number of cast aluminium streen signs. Each one will also include the W logo, along with the street name. Below is a photo of a sample sign we created, finished in green and gold. The directors have chosen to go with black and gold for the finished signs:

Wynyard Street Sign Prototype

Why choose cast metal signs?

When creating a new housing development street signage is often pretty far down on the priority list. Most new developments end up with the same generic signage as seen throughout the country. The directors at Wynyard wanted something different - something which spoke of quality and attention to detail, signs which had a traditional look and feel but would stand the test of time.

Matt Johnson, Wynyard's Director of Developments said:

"We wanted signage which would suit the new housing development here at Wynyard. Working with Croft Cast Signs has been a pleasure - they understood what we were looking for and have the skills and experience to produce signs which we can all be very proud of.

"We are very much looking forward to seeing Phil's signs installed and are very pleased to have found a signage partner we know we can trust to deliver an excellent product"

If you'd like to find out more about how we go about manufacturing cast metal signs, please click here.

More updates soon

We hope to bring more photos of this project as the signs are manufactured and installed later in the year.

Philip and Andrea

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